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We’ve all heard immigrant stories of hardship, survival and triumph. Yet, not many firsthand accounts of leaving the Eastern Block have appeared in the main press.

Now, make this clear to yourself, what do you want to do? Means, what you expect to do for the bride. This will give you a clear idea about the theme of the bridal shower. Select simple theme for bridal shower for two reasons: the first is, you are doing this first time and second reason is that simple theme requires small budget.

A Harvest of Hearts by Laura V. Hilton — Shanna Stoltzfus thought nothing could make her return home to her Amish family. She was wrong. But can anything make her give up her dreams and stay?

Take note that readers are always hungry for something new, thus make it a point to write stories that are not too predictable. The element of surprise should be present since it will keep your reader’s reading from chapter to chapter until the end of the book.

Rome was as drastically different from Vienna as two European cultures can be; and even more thrilling. We tasted our first pizza by splitting one slice into five pieces. The noise, the dirt, the bustle, the chained store displays, alongside the ancient architecture, awe-inspiring art, friendly white-toothed banter, and air infused with imlive ebony. I admit, I had an impossibly cute Italian boyfriend before the airport bus arrived at our hotel; good thing we both spoke broken English. The two months in Italy awaiting permission to enter the States were unforgettable… but I must get on with my immigrant story, which it can’t become until we reach the final destination: New York.

Q. The panel discussion your doing at the Festival is titled Your Book is Written, Now What with Vicki Lewis Thompson. What do you plan to bring to the discussion?

Always make sure before buying your diamond that it doesn’t have a pink, orange or yellow tinge in it, as that shows the poor quality of the diamond. Unless it is a pink blue or yellow colored diamond itself.

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