Things You Should Avoid After Having Abortion

Much confusion exists when it comes to the similarities and differences between the Abortion Pill, or RU486, and The Morning After Pill, or Plan B. The differences between these two pills are huge- as they both do completely different things in the body. But what do they do, exactly? Let’s explain these differences in layman’s terms.

I looked at all the babies as they ran. I stood behind this red ribbon. The adorable babies had eyes of every color. The eyes were gorgeous. I can’t explain it. You have never seen color like this. I loved watching them running to me. This dream was the most fantastic thing I ever saw, I thought. And then I looked to the right and saw millions of people holding out their arms for the babies. There were elderly people ,moms, dads, children, people of every race, and size from the earth. I looked to the left and saw millions of people doing the same. I knew at once these people and I came here to get the babies. The people from the earth cried as they held their arms out to hold the babies. I couldn’t stop crying.

This rapidly growing shift towards religious zeal without foundational understanding of Bible doctrine is no nuance. It is a major change in philosophy that uses religion to make humanism and pluralism more palatable. Worse yet, many of those strong in traditional faith are starting to think maybe this new brand of faithless religion isn’t really that bad after all.

Have you ever seen how they treat that cow, before it is a hamburger on you plate? How you ever seen how pigs are tortured and mistreated, before it is a slab of ribs? Have you ever seen how greyhound dogs are mistreated and then killed when they don’t win races anymore. Where are your tears for horses raced too young and having to be put down, becaused their legs are broken, or sold to a glue factory in Mexico? When it involves your own guilty pleasures, there are no tears!

He points out that the mafia (unlike the anti-choice / domestic terrorist movement) at least keeps their hit lists private. He also calls this movement the face of fascism in America – a sentiment with which many Americans agree. When Goodman asks him if the picketers and attackers have ever tried to reach out to him to start a dialogue, Hern launches a barrage that left me cheering as I listened…

Are you an anarchist or do you sympathize with KLINIK ABORSI bombers? Do you believe women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, dogs are the embodiment of Satan, or the world will end on August 4th, 2011?

Life is what you make of it. Like one family member has stated, if there were a crown for sh*tt*est life I would probably qualify but you know what? I don’t care.

It is more cost effective and less time consuming to prevent pregnancy with vigilant use of birth control. If you have an accident, it is comforting to know that Plan B is available as a backup. If you are pregnant and before nine weeks gestation, you can choose RU486 as a simple way to terminate your unwanted pregnancy.

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Things You Should Avoid After Having Abortion

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