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If you are like me, you have multiple old electronic gadgets lying around the house or office. You upgrade your cell phone every 12-24 months, but you are not quite sure what to do with the old one you no longer use. You probably think they are not worth much but you don’t want to contribute to the growing landfills of electronic waste. Or you may have a smartphone you no longer use and you’d like to sell for cash but you just can’t be dealing with the fees and complexities of auction sites. So the forgotten old electronic gadgets collect dust in your closet or take up space in your desk drawers.

It is NOT as simple as just find your passion and the money will follow, but with the Internet, businesses are easier to start than ever before. Of course, if you are buying a business or a franchise then your lawyer and accountant definitely should be involved!

The only time that I’m not using one of my gadgets is probably when I’m asleep. I will get up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, and head to the computer. From there on life is spent reading, writing, checking emails, working on finances, and an occasional break to cook, clean, and do laundry.

The best known iPad trade in for iPad 2 website is Gazelle. The website promises easy and safe electronic trade in. Thus you could sell iPad on the website and purchase an iPad 2. However if you go to their section for iPad trade in, you need only fill a form and ship the product, the value would be quoted to you and you can choose the iPad 2 to replace your old iPad. Another interesting aspect to be considered when you sell iPad on Gazelle is that one may find a number of discounts coupons online. The codes could either get your price down when you buy the iPad 2 or fetch you a better price when you sell used iPad on the website.

3) Clean out yours and everyone elses garage. This is the old fashion way. Sell things around the house. Baseball cards, furniture, Watches. Put it on line and let them bid for it and see what you get.

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You can get help in finding the top GPS on This site contains instructions with pictures that show exactly how to use as your research tool to find the GPS you want.

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