Solar Outside Lighting – The Wave Of The Future

The MGM Grand Las Vegas is a hotel/casino located on the Las Vegas Strip. The MGM Grand is truly that, grand. It’s the second largest hotel in the world and the second largest in the U.S. behind The Venetian. MGM Grand is owned and operated by MGM Mirage, a publicly traded company.

I had tried to see him a couple of times just to share with him who I was and my approach to the kids. He never answered emails or acknowledged any notes I left him. I gave him my book about a homeless fellow for his birthday-no thanks, no communications. Apparently they didn’t cover courtesy in priest school.

I reminded God that night how special she was to me and that he should make all her wishes come true. She told me once that she prayed every night that I would leave Blythdale and walk away smiling. God gave her one of her wishes. I walked about a year later.

But wait! As we began to drop bombs on Iraqis, it was announced that “Operation Iraqi Freedom” had begun. There was a new mission. We would free the Iraqis from the clutches of an evil dictator, and they would thank us with chocolates and flowers. A few weeks later, after our campaign of “Shock and Awe”, we toppled the giant decorative statues of Saddam. The evil dictator was gone. If we had left the army in tact, left the national, regional and local governments in tact, installed an Iraqi to be in charge, we could have left. Mission Accomplished, we had achieved Victory in Iraq.

Bastet is a continued source of inspiration for artists today and she not only appears in Egyptian papyri and hieroglyphs, but also in modern works of art. Here in Tacoma we have a great shop called Crescent Moon at 2712 6th Ave. They have tons of Bastet art, statues and other such items that make great gifts for just about any cat lover. If your interested in learning more about Egyptian Goddesses and Gods like Bastet they even offer free classes!

One day the priest came around and told me a two other boys he was going to start teaching us what we had to know so we could make our “First Holy Communion”. I was elated. It was something normal kids did at that age and anything that connected me to normal kids I was for.

It was nice experience and impressive experience. The English “Holly Cow” might have come from Nandi. All the cultures have different customs and interpretation of life. That makes visit so interesting!

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Solar Outside Lighting – The Wave Of The Future

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