Should A Marketer Do Their Own Web Design?

You know that Google must have been wondering about how they can monetize all the free traffic that they are giving away, that quite frankly is making lots of firms wealthy beyond measure. They have been wondering how they can serve up what people want but still keep hold of the traffic from the search results. Google local search changes are coming and those into web design and marketing are probably not going to be pleased.

Customer-friendly environment. All the features, functions and services that enhance the shopping experience of your customers can be integrated into your site. The services will be organized into neat categories for easy navigation.

This is a big mistake made by beginners in Web development in Vancouver. You want to get everything on the home page of your website. While this may sound like it would save you money, it’s not such a good idea if you have a lot to say about your business. It gets back to the “focus” thing – the customer doesn’t know where to look first.

Tight Budget Client. This is probably the most annoying type of client. He wants to have the best-looking website all the flashy bells and whistles but they would warn you from the get go that they are on a very tight budget. You know what to do, drop them and move on.

You should check out your reasons why you need to have a website before you choose or hire somebody who can design the site for you. In this way, you will know what to expect once you have somebody who will do the web designing.

So forget layout and how many divisions you plan to place onto your website; ignore graphic design, and consider for a moment what the purpose of your website is? What is your ultimate goal by creating this site? Once you know and are confident on how you want to tackle it, go to your computer and write the content straight onto the page.

5) Uploading files in your site – So that you have built a couple of pages on your new site, what happens? Well, you must upload these to your internet host. Typically this will likely be done using “FTP”. You now are usually thinking, “What the heck is that?” Well, don’t be concerned about each of the technical stuff. Simply it is just a way to get the files, or pages, that you just built onto your website and “live” to the world.

You should test the mock up of your website. Test whether it is according to the W3C. It has to look good in major browsers. Also the website should be search engine friendly.

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Should A Marketer Do Their Own Web Design?

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