Hair Removal – From Razor To Laser

A new treatment to clear skin of fine lines, wrinkles, persistent red complexion, sun spots, acne scars, large pores and other blemishes are intense pulsed light or IPL treatment. The machine gives high intensity pulse of broadband light to an area. This is different from the narrow band of light that a laser gives off. The intense pulsed light is a non-ablative technique which means you do not cause any damage to the surface tissue. The IPL treatment goes into the deeper parts of the skin the dermis and leaves the epidermis of the skin untouched.

It’s usually best if you do your research. Not only research the treatment you’re going to get but also the specialist you’re going visit for the procedure.

You’re probably wondering if it works for all kinds of hair. If you have investigated laser treatments to remove unwanted hair growth in the past, then you know that method doesn’t work on blonde or light colored hair. This system works on all hair just about anywhere on your face and body and does so without causing any pain or discomfort at all.

Some of us suffer with abnormal hair growth. This growth may be do to chemicals in the body. Before deciding to have facials hormones performed you should see your doctor to make sure that you do not have a condition that can cause this. After it is determined that the hair growth is not a symptom of other problems you can proceed to plan a hair removal laser process.

The traditional method of grooming the bikini area is shaving. The skin is so sensitive that red sandpaper-like bumps begin to appear immediately after shaving. They remain for days, and sometimes haven’t even disappeared by the time they need to shave again. Running a razor over already irritated skin and literally cutting open wounds on your bikini area is a horrific experience. Not to mention that a red, bumpy, puffy bikini line isn’t exactly pretty to look at.

The problem with all of the above mentioned is that they’re not a permanent solution to getting rid of the unwanted hair. The hair generally grows back after several weeks and the process has to be done over and over. The hair does become finer and does come out with quite a bit more ease. But still, a lot of people can save themselves time and money by finding a better solution.

In a line, laser treatment, is a one-time solution to bodily hair problems. Some practitioners even claim that laser hair removal treatments, bring out radiance on the face. Get rid of hair and get radiant ? now that’s a good package deal ?definitely worth it!

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