Buying A Car At Auction: Part 3

So you want to start the new year off right and do something for the environment, but you just love your Porsche 911 or PT Cruiser. No problem… there is a company who can covert your car into an environmentally friendly all electric vehicle with zero emissions! Jungle motors will take your car and convert it into a 100% electric vehicle starting at $17,000.

While a large part of the Ali crew amused themselves on the basketball court, I watched Ali blowing up balloons for the children, scowling while shaking a fist at them, the children putting up their dukes and giggling. What struck me at that moment, ironically, was the quiet and serenity with which nearly everyone went about their business. The basketball game went on heatedly, and there were a few shouts and exhortations, but because of the respect that Ali inspired, the place had fallen almost silent, like a church in a country town on a Sunday morning.

After many close calls with victory during the current Grand-AM season, Scuderia Corsa is celebrating a well-deserved second place finish at the Clubsport 250 held at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama on Sunday, April 7. Less than one second was the difference between the #63 Ferrari 458 and the winning Stevenson Camaro.

They also brought back the evicted houseguests who hadn’t made the jury. This wasn’t near as informative as I’d hoped it would be. Evil Dick had some good insights, but I really wanted to hear frorm Lawon who basically volunteered to be evicted thinking he was going to get to come back into the game. He didn’t; Brandon did. I really wanted to hear his thought process.

Each night before you go to bed write down what during the day you were grateful for. Think of as many things as you can from the simple fact you can see with your own eyes to an amazing favor someone did for you. Don’t miss a night of this. You will find after a couple of weeks how much better you feel about your day.

Then, a few weeks later I read a blog post by David Brock who talked about his struggle trying to learn some form of martial arts. He pointed out that he was still struggling to master some basic moves even after six months of lessons.

Give yourself time to become comfortable applying a new sales concept before you quit. Invest the appropriate amount of time to practise that concept. Give yourself permission to be a beginner. Yes, you will make mistakes. You will feel awkward at first. You will fail many times before you master that concept. But, it you stick with it you will eventually get better. You WILL master that skill.

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Buying A Car At Auction: Part 3

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