A Beginners Guide To Twitter (Part 2)

Companies today have a lot on their plate, from the skittish economy, to the ever-changing landscape of social media “must have” trends. It’s difficult to keep up, let alone get ahead, whether you are a small business or large enterprise organization. And each company has its own unique set of needs and challenges.

You’re probably wondering how much this awesome new technology is going to run you. Well, here’s another surprise. You can make as many QR codes as you’d like to for free. This is a really simple technology and it doesn’t take much to embed one with a URL.

If you’re looking for another cool Twitter-type application to join, Blip.fm is it. Blip.fm is great for those who not only love music but who love to discover new music that they may have otherwise never heard before. Blip.fm is like Twitter for music. Not only that, but Blip.fm is linked to Twitter where you can sync the two up so that every time you upload a new song or “give props” to another DJ, it will show up in your Alex Coleman Kime. A note to the wise, however; if you plan to comment on a lot of songs or upload a lot of songs, you may want to change your settings so that you don’t overwhelm your Twitter followers!

Your photo is usually good if it reminds others of you. It should be something that will make a lasting impression and will motivate them to return and view your profile for a second time. It is recommended not to use pictures of other individuals, not even your cute children. Choose new and fresh photos.

If you have been trying to make money with your twitter account without much success, then you can definitely do better with the help of tweet tutor. Once you use the system, you may not find it to be truly groundbreaking, but it will definitely help you manage your multiple accounts in an easier way while saving on a lot of time.

Retweets-If you see a tweet in your timeline that you think is funny or want other people to see, you can retweet that message to your followers. When you roll your mouse over the tweet the word “retweet” will show up for you to click on. When you click on that the tweet will show up in your follower’s timelines as a retweet, meaning they will still see the username of the user who tweeted the message first. You will be able to see whether any of your own tweets have been retweeted by clicking on “retweets” above your lists, then clicking on “Your Tweets, Retweeted”.

Finding creative ways to build your email mailing list can be fun and rewarding. Just put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make sure you are offering an easy way for all visitors to signup for your list. Capturing and using this valuable data should be a big part of your online marketing strategy.

David Mathison:Three years ago, when I heard of Twitter, I thought it was just a silly little toy, you know, youre limited to 140 characters and so you cant really tell a large story, but based on what happened to me over the last 20 days, I can say its definitely not a toy.

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